Your body knows how to lose weight—you just haven’t been given the owner’s manual yet. 



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Makeover your metabolism without expensive supplements, a private chef, or ample time to spend at the gym.

Eat what you want within a flexible structure, providing you with a “BYO Meal Chart '' so you can start eating to fuel your metabolism today. 

Apply the Next Best Choice framework so you can handle anything that pops up, including the Diet Danger Zones, without going into “f*ck it” mode. 

Use the informed intuitive-eating approach to predict a craving before is starts, manage it once it hits, or prevent it from happening in the first place.

Master the art of long-term weight loss by understanding how to get your subconscious mind on board with change instead of relying on willpower.

Learn the science behind your metabolism.

Metabolism Makeover gives you the tools to:

metabolism makeover

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Katie Wells, founder of

"I love Megan’s holistic body-and-mind approach to weight loss, and it’s the approach that helped me finally break free of dieting and heal my metabolism. She also provides valuable tools to tap into our subconscious for true behavior change and long-term results. A must read!"

Lauryn Bosstick, founder of The Skinny Confidential brand and website

“It’s not a one-size-fits-all when it comes to health and weight loss, and no one understands that better than Megan. I highly recommend adding Metabolism Makeover to your wellness tool kit.” 

Dr. Gabrielle Lyon, founder of the Institute for Muscle-Centric Medicine

“Megan really nailed it by highlighting the importance of building healthy muscle, which is often overlooked in the weight-loss conversation. Great guidebook!”

Tina Anderson, CEO and Co-Founder, Just Thrive

“If you care deeply about your overall health and well-being and want a guide that truly empowers you to finally conquer your weight management and mindset, put this book on your required reading list. Megan breaks down the truth about a healthy metabolism and provides actionable steps to make true and lasting changes…once and for all."

Megan has been a registered dietitian for over a decade and has been making over thousands of metabolisms in private practice since 2017. Education along with observing, engaging, and listening to clients over the years gave her the tools needed to write this book.

With a community of over 40 dietitians and over 7,000 past and present clients, Megan is dedicated to helping people learn how to “eat like normal people” so that they can transform their body, mind, and relationship with food.

Megan Hansen, RDN

About the Author

This is an excellent, well-rounded book for anyone looking for holistic approach to self care, particularly in the area of weight loss. I especially found helpful the chapter on gut health and learned a few things throughout each of the other chapters. I liked the author’s continued suggestions for ways to adapt her protocols to our own individual lives, as every body is different. She gives the reader permission to pay close attention to her/his/their body and follow its guidance, which is extremely important and not always found in books like this. 

Brilliant book—the missing link in our quest for good health...I loved how logically this book was laid out, taking into account that we all have life stressors, vacations when we binge eat, and cravings about specific foods we love! No-pressure system—[I] cant wait to apply these in practice!

[I] will be buying copies for friends and family members who have been trying to lose weight for years and are feeling stuck and frustrated!

4.25/5 stars! I don't read many nutrition-based books, but as I get older and my own metabolism slows down, I find myself more interested in books like this. I appreciated that this book makes understanding nutrition easier for the common reader like myself. The portions that resonated the most with me were the stress management and sleep sections. I feel like when I workout and eat healthy and don't see results, I get so down on myself. Learning about how these other domains affect health really helped me conceptualize my self-care and body image moving forwards. A great health read.

I feel I can finally give away all my piles of fad diet books! This book is really accessible and is full of practical tips and ideas. [The author] debunks the myth I was always told—all calories are equal and all you need to worry about is calories in and calories out. I recommend this book.

metabolism makeover

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