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97% of diets fail daily because they don’t take into account the living, breathing, partying, Netflix-binging, NORMAL human on the other side.

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your diet shouldn't starve you of a social life.

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Ten years ago, my metabolism was wrecked. I was 20 lbs heavier, a meticulous calorie counter, and I worked out rain or shine. I was taught that everything I was doing was the textbook prescription for weight loss. But it wasn’t working. I felt like a total failure.


hey, i'm megan, vl, rd
vodka lover, registered dietiTian

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That’s when I started asking the better question: WHY? If weight loss is just “calories in, calories out,” why is it not working? Why hasn’t there been a different approach? Why does the diet industry make billions and push “magic pills” and 3-day military diets instead of human biology?

After focusing on resetting my metabolism and making small but significant changes on my own plate, the weight started to fall off. I was no longer preoccupied with food. I didn’t stress out over dinners, drinking, or vacations. I could finally just live my life knowing I had total control of my body and my health. Food wasn’t the boss of me anymore.

I started to use this method with 1:1 clients, and they all had incredible results. They called me a magician and “a weight loss wizard.” I knew these women were everywhere and they deserved better than this vicious dieting cycle; they deserved affordable access to a fast and furious metabolism.

i was in school to be a dietitian and i couldn't lose the weight myself

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It’s eating - no strings attached. It’s a simple structure to keep your body burning fat instead of storing it. In just over 3 years, we’ve had over 3000 women (and a few men!) go through the program and come out with total food freedom. And that is what my team and I live for.

metabolism makeover is a "you-do-you" weight loss program

over 3000 women (and a few men) come out with total food freedom

meet your metabolism makeover coaches

megan kober

Creator of MM. Tulie’s Mom. Megan’s drink of choice: 2 oz tequila + .5 oz orange liqueur + .5 oz lime juice.

head dietitian in charge

Megan, RDN - HDIC

shannon henning

The OG MM Coach. Mom of 5. Shannon's drink of choice: Pineapple Spindrift + tequila + lime.

shannon henning, ms, RDN

bryn hamilton

#formerlyfat Bariatric Surgery, GI, and Anti-MFP Dietitian. Bryn's drink of choice: Protein Coffee w/ chocolate collagen + heavy cream + almond milk cream + pinch of salt. 

bryn hamilton, RDn, CSOWM

emily hofer

BTS of Metabolism Makeover's Insta Page. Emily's drink of choice: Tito's + club soda + lime.

emily hofer, ms, RDN

This is a post I’ve been wanting to write for a long time. This is a topic that is important to me because it’s really shaped my belief system as a dietitian...

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calories are stupid and 6 reasons why

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Why PHFF? Protein, healthy fat and fiber are powerful agents in blood sugar control. Each nutrient slows the uptake of sugar into the blood and stunts the insulin response... 

PHFF-balanceD eating: what is PHff?

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OK – you know how I feel about diets (gross, waste of time, soul sucking, etc). But here’s the thing – paying attention to blood sugar levels is the #1 key to weight loss...Why?...

the blood sugar diet

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