A 30-day non-stop party, except you’ll leave this party with more energy, fewer inches, and an entirely new relationship with food.

Join the thousands of women who have gone through our signature program and learned the simple structure that fires up your metabolism...permanently.

basically a rager for your metabolism

weight loss that doesn't suck starts with a total metabolism makeover


Sleep. Stress. Hormones. Gut Health. Inflammation. Metabolism is
more than food.

move beyond the food

Stop starting over on Monday. Go “off plan” without weight gain.

make room for fun

Movement impacts your metabolism - what to include and even what to avoid.

move strategically

That is, your blood sugar. Learn how to keep your body in fat-burning mode.

manage your bs

biology-backed method that works

biology-backed method that works

My energy is through the roof now. This is the happiest I’ve ever been with my health and my body. I don’t think about food all day anymore. I feel like I’m free.
- Micha

"...this is the happiest i have ever been..."

We don’t leave you hangin’. Get ongoing accountability + tools beyond the 30 days.

4. ongoing support

Total freedom - from food, your mind, and the lies you’ve been told about weight loss. 

3. get ready to feel...

On April 24, 2023. We will start enrollment the week prior.

2. next round starts

Sign up and be the first to know when enrollment opens again.

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the process

I didn’t always have this metabolism. Twenty pounds ago, I was where you are right now. I let food dictate a good or bad day. I counted calories, “budgeted” for booze, and never skipped a sweat sesh. Like you, I was taught that weight loss was about less food and more movement. But that didn’t work because my metabolism was trashed.

hey, i'm megan, vl, rd
vodka lover, registered dietiTian

I was like you... i let food dictate a good or bad day.

I created Metabolism Makeover because I want that for you. I don’t want food to keep you from living anymore. This program will help you replace foods that make you feel like shit with science that makes you sexy. Literally.

I dusted off my Human Metabolism textbook and I focused only on doing the things that kept my body in fat-burning mode. And I'm gonna teach you exactly how to do that too.

this is science that makes you sexy. literally.

where do i sign?

Our doors open and close pretty quickly, so you’ll want to join that waitlist so you can be first in line for your spot!

where do i sign?

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